Nurturing Academic Excellence

​​​The FisherONE model of delivery brings together the principles and practices of learning and teaching that lead to success for all learners and works on the assignment of weekly modules. Students are expected to engage in independent learning tasks and live online lessons. 

FisherONE Model of Delivery:

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Expert Teachers:

Online learning may seem daunting, but at FisherONE, our teachers use the digital environment to be present in your learning location. They integrate digital resources and frequent communication to deliver a learning experience that rivals being present in the classroom. We have teachers who are passionate about their curriculum areas and who guide and support students through their learning journey. With preexisting high standards, our teachers strive to continuously innovate their practice to meet the needs of their learners and improve academic outcomes.​
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"Become the person God intended you to be"

​Founding Principal - Cathy Galvin

​Access to curriculum
​Choose your pace
​Individual attention
​Learn what's right for you and what will help you achieve your goals and aspirations.
​Independent learning means greater flexibility. 
​Besides the standard progression, you can also engage in a three-year senior or accelerated learning plan.
​During office hours, orga​nise times with your expert teacher to seek individual support and clarify. 

Faith Integration Across the Curriculum:

​Integrating faith into education is at the heart of what we do. Whether studying mathematics, history, science, or design, students are encouraged to explore how their academic pursuits intersect with their faith. This holistic approach to education deepens their understanding of the world and helps the​​m develop a moral compass to navigate life's challenges.​​

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