Catholic Education

​FisherONE is fortunate to receive strong support from key stakeholders in the Catholic education community, including the Queensland Catholic Education Commission (QCEC), our Parish, St Joseph and St Anthony’s Parish, Bracken Ridge, and Brisbane Catholic Education. 

QCEC, as the peak body representing Catholic schools in Queensland, provides guidance, expertise, and advocacy to ensure FisherONE aligns with the broader goals and values of Catholic education. 

FisherOne2023-18SM.jpgT​he parish community, with its deep-rooted connection to faith and spirituality, offers invaluable support by fostering a sense of belonging and providing spiritual guidance to our students. 

Brisbane Catholic Education, as the governing body overseeing Catholic schools in the Brisbane region, provides essential administrative and operational support to FisherONE. Their collaboration enables us to deliver a high-quality, faith-based education to students across the region.

Together, QCEC, the parish, and Brisbane Catholic Education form a strong network of support that enables FisherONE to thrive and fulfill its mission of providing accessible, inclusive, and faith-centered online education to students.​

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