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Year 11 Food and Nutrition Curriculum Day

IMG_4285.jpgIn a flavorful twist to their academic journey, Year 11 students enrolled in the FisherONE Food & Nutrition program recently embarked on a curriculum day dedicated to culinary exploration. This immersive experience provided students with the opportunity to showcase their culinary skills by creating dishes to meet specific criteria, including the preparation of custard, for taste testing and evaluation.

Creative Cooking: Under the guidance of their instructors, FisherONE Food & Nutrition students unleashed their culinary creativity as they worked to fulfill the requirements of the curriculum day. From mastering cooking techniques to selecting quality ingredients, students embraced the challenge of crafting dishes that not only satisfied the taste buds but also met nutritional standards.

Custard Creation and Evaluation: A highlight of the curriculum day was the creation of custard. Students meticulously followed recipes and techniques to produce custard dishes according to predetermined criteria. These creations were then subjected to taste testing and evaluation, providing valuable feedback for the budding chefs.

Reflecting on Feedback: The data collected from the taste testing and evaluation process will serve as a valuable tool for students to reflect on their culinary creations. By analysing feedback from their peers and instructors, students will gain insights into what they did well and areas for improvement. This reflective process is integral to the learning journey, empowering students to refine their culinary skills and techniques.