Extra-Curricular Opportunities

​At FisherONE, we believe in the power of community and the value of connecting with others. We offer a range of exciting opportunities for students to engage through networking events, curriculum days, and Microsoft Teams meets. ​

Special Networking Events: 

We organise special networking events where students can interact with industry professionals, guest speakers, and alumni who are experts in their respective fields. These events provide a unique platform for students to gain insights, build connections, and explore potential career paths. It's an excellent opportunity for students to broaden their horizons and learn from experienced professionals.

FisherOne2023-109.jpgMicrosoft Teams EduMeets: 

As an online learning platform, we leverage the power of technology to facilitate community connections. Through Microsoft Teams EduMeets, students from across FisherONE can engage in virtual discussions, group projects, and interactive sessions. These virtual meetings provide a platform for students to collaborate, exchange ideas, and build meaningful connections, regardless of their physical location. By actively participating in these community connection initiatives, students not only enhance their learning experience but also develop important skills such as communication, collaboration, and networking. ​

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