FisherONE Named Microsoft Showcase School

​​Queensland's first online Catholic learning campus, FisherONE, is proud to announce its selection as a Microsoft Showcase School for the academic year 2023-24, joining an elite group of educational institutions globally that are pioneering innovative approaches to learning.

Assistant Principal Online Learning Megan Pidskalny said FisherONE is one of only six schools in Australia to receive this recognition.

“The Microsoft Showcase School program is a worldwide initiative that recognises schools at the forefront of educational transformation," she said.

“At FisherONE we leverage technology to create student-centered, immersive, and inclusive learning experiences that inspires lifelong learning and cultivates essential future-ready skills.

“When students enrol in a FisherONE subject, it becomes part of their timetable, and they have specific time scheduled for the subject. 

“Parents can be assured FisherONE means a senior subject profile that more closely matches their child's interests, allowing flexibility for when some of the learning takes place."

FisherONE's commitment to educational excellence and innovation has been further underscored by  Music Teacher Tiffany Rabbit being named a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert.

The Assistant Principal added the Microsoft Innovative Educator program offers educators access to a wealth of resources and networking opportunities, including monthly connection calls with MIE Experts, like Tiffany, who will attend speaking engagements at education events and participation in the virtual Education Exchange E2 event for educators and school leaders. The Microsoft event aims to ensure students can achieve more in their lives and future.

"I am thrilled FisherONE has become a Microsoft Showcase School, and that Tiffany Rabbit will be joining our MIE Program as an expert," she said.

"Both these accolades reflect our unwavering commitment to providing students with cutting-edge transformative educational experiences.

“We look forward to deepening our collaboration with Microsoft and continuing to innovate in the realm of education."

FisherONE Principal Britt Gurnett said this recognition is a testament to FisherONE's dedication to excellence in education and its role in shaping the future of learning in Australia and beyond.

“As a Microsoft Showcase School, FisherONE joins a global community of educational pioneers dedicated to enhancing learning through technology," he said.

“I am incredibly proud of the FisherONE team and excited for our current and prospective students to harness and benefit from the FisherONE advantage in the journey to life beyond the school gates."

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About FisherONE:

FisherONE is a leading online education platform based in Australia, offering innovative learning solutions for senior secondary students. FisherONE is committed to providing student-centered, immersive, and inclusive educational experiences that inspire lifelong learning and the development of essential future-ready skills. FisherONE began at St John Fisher College and is a first for Catholic Education in Queensland. The new learning model is nearing the end of the first stage of its pilot. FisherONE was first developed in 2018 to meet the news of Brisbane Catholic Education students who have difficulty accessing specific subjects at their base school and that align with their post school aspirations. 

About the Microsoft Showcase School Program:

The Microsoft Showcase School program recognises and celebrates educational institutions that are leading the way in transforming education through technology. Showcase Schools leverage Microsoft tools and resources to enhance teaching and learning, fostering innovation and creativity in the classroom.

About the Microsoft Innovative Educator Program:

The Microsoft Innovative Educator Program connects educators from around the world, providing them with opportunities for collaboration, professional development, and access to Microsoft's educational tools and resources. MIEs are at the forefront of innovation in education, using technology to enhance learning outcomes for their students.